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T.L. Coulter is a Personal Coach and Mentor who helps those carrying around limiting beliefs that stop us from pursuing what we want in life. Whether it's a relationship, a job, or just believing in ourselves, T.L. helps break down those beliefs so we can live a more positive and fulfilling life. I built TL's website from scratch. I edited graphics that were premade and formatted them for the new site and branded her favicon using the small dragonfly artwork within her logo. Her site will have a blog, booking and appointment section, a page to sell her upcoming books and be fully Google Indexed with proper SEO for keyword searches. 

TL Coulter Website.png
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Advanced Telephone & Data specializes in network infrastructure cabling and design including fiber optic cable installation, testing, and certification. Our primary objective is to assist you with the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of your voice and data networks. I revamped their website into a more aesthetic and updated site with blog. I manage the website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business platforms with digital marketing calendar on a weekly basis. As part of our services, I also set up all SEO and Google indexing with ongoing insights provided to the client on a regular basis.

Cross Engineer Services Website

JSpark Media presently works with Cross Engineering Services rebuilding their website and social media platforms. The website includes the ability to receive chat messages and includes a beautiful photo gallery portfolio of recent work for CES. The social media platforms is a new development and is in the process of gaining likes and building a following. However, the SEO behind the scenes is the catalyst we are working hard on in order to develop new business clients and drive consistent work to CES.